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Faculty and Staff

Our Administration
Contact Lorenza Baker  Lorenza Baker (318) 549-7085 Principal
Contact Beatrice Brown  Beatrice Brown (318) 549-7051 Secretary
Contact Patricia Kimbrough  Patricia Kimbrough (318) 549-7056 Administrative Assistant
Contact Austin Mueller  Austin Mueller (318) 549-7088 School Resource Officer
Contact Lakeia Williams  Lakeia Williams (318) 549-7059 Counselor
Teachers and Behavior Coaches
Contact Marites Arcamo  Marites Arcamo (318) 549-7061 MS SPED Teacher
Contact Jaymi Benjamin  Jaymi Benjamin (318) 549-7083 HS Business Teacher
Contact Belvia Brock  Belvia Brock (318) 549-7069 MS ELA Teacher
Contact Broderick Cox  Broderick Cox (318) 549-7082 HS Science Teacher
Contact Carol Fears  Carol Fears (318) 549-7089 HS Math Teacher
Contact Jane Jones  Jane Jones (318) 549-7065 MS Science Teacher
Contact Carla Maynor  Carla Maynor (318) 549-7064 P.E. Teacher
Contact Ceson Ponder  Ceson Ponder (318) 549-7079 Teacher
Contact Annie Ratliff  Annie Ratliff (318) 549-7084 HS English Teacher
Contact Dreama Read  Dreama Read (318) 549-7071 MS Math Teacher
Contact Karen Reed  Karen Reed (318) 549-7062 Elementary Teacher
Contact Lisa Rhodes  Lisa Rhodes (318) 549-7070 MS Social Studies Teacher
Contact Chris Schneider  Chris Schneider (318) 549-7068 Teacher
Contact Roslyn Stumon  Roslyn Stumon (318) 549-7057 Behavior Interventionist
Contact Cedric Washington  Cedric Washington (318) 549-7058 MS Virtual School Teacher
Contact Matt Watson  Matt Watson (318) 549-7053 HiSET Program Teacher
Contact Kimberly Woodard  Kimberly Woodard (318) 549-7076 HS SPED Teacher
Paraprofessionals and Job Coaches
Contact Shannon Ashley  Shannon Ashley (318) 549-7067 GASP Teacher/Staff
Contact Sherry Attaway  Sherry Attaway Job Coach
Contact Veronica Ford  Veronica Ford Job Coach
Contact Lisa Grafton  Lisa Grafton Job Coach
Contact Dionne Hall  Dionne Hall (318) 549-7087 HiSET Paraprofessional
Contact Carl Hardman  Carl Hardman Behavior Coach
Contact WilliamR Hughes  WilliamR Hughes Job Coach
Contact Tamela Little  Tamela Little Staff
Contact Joan Nerrettig  Joan Nerrettig MS Paraprofessional
Contact Dotties Pope  Dotties Pope HS Paraprofessional
Custodial Staff
Contact Danny Bright  Danny Bright Custodian
Contact Mary Bruno  Mary Bruno Custodian
Contact Leroy Moton  Leroy Moton Custodian

- Principal -

Mr. Lorenza BakerPrincipal - Lorenza Baker



- Assistant Principal -

Mrs. Patricia Kimbrough

Assistant Principal - Patricia Kimbrough

- Counselor - 

Mrs. Shelia Autry

Counselor - Shelia Autry